Posted by: Rick | Friday, August 26, 2011

The Crawling Hands!

Remember David Prosser, the right-wing Wisconsin Supreme Court justice accused of choking an elderly female colleague during a heated argument in her office? Well, investigators have finally obtained his side of the story: It turns out he’s the victim of sinister forces beyond his control:

Justice Prosser said he had no recollection of his thumbs on Justice Bradley’s neck at any point. Justice Prosser could only recall his fingers touching the side of her neck, with one hand on either side of her neck. Justice Prosser said at no point did he squeeze or apply any pressure.

Justice Prosser said, “What does any self-respecting man do when suddenly that man finds that his hands, or part of his hands are on a woman’s neck? Get them off the neck as soon as possible”. Justice Prosser said this was a “reflexive move”.


People of Wisconsin! Run for your lives!



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