Posted by: Rick | Monday, September 19, 2011

Class Warfare, Finally!

To the extent that they have any ideas at all, Republicans believe in giving tax breaks to rich people — sorry, I mean to job creators — whenever they can get away with it. They justify these budget-busting giveaways by insisting that through a mysterious “trickle-down” effect, prosperity will fall upon the rabble only if Brad Pitt pays less in taxes. Or not. Either way, cutting taxes is Republican dogma. If you don’t like it — tough. Join the army. They’ll start a nice war for you to fight in.

For reasons unknown to me, Democrats have been afraid to take on this issue, even though polls show that tax hikes on the rich are popular. But now that Barack Obama is feeling some political heat, he’s doing what he should have done a long time ago — calling out the Republicans.

There’s as much chance of Republicans allowing Paris Hilton to pay more taxes as there is of the Catholic Church denying the Trinity. It’s their whole identity. Take it away, and they’re nothing. Less than nothing. Played out properly, a confrontational strategy could be a huge long-term winner for Democrats.

Today’s speech was excellent, Mr. President, but don’t stop now. 

We’ve got your back.



  1. FINALLY! I keep being reminded of that movie “The American President” with Michael Douglas. Fluffy little movie, but damn if I’m not waiting for Obama to come out and end his dithering and “compromise” with Republicans and Tea Partiers and say “I’m the President!”. Big sigh. I hope he is finally getting that a Liberal/Progressive supporter does NOT equal pacifist. I’ve got his back too. Great post. Love the blog title/tag. I’ll be following you.


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