Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Palin As Perot

If Mitt Romney is the eventual Republican presidential nominee, would Sarah Palin seek to run on a Tea Party ticket? It makes sense to me and here’s why:

1) She doesn’t like Romney — not that this makes her special. Nobody does.

2) She hasn’t made enough money yet. If she wants to keep her brand marketable, she needs to stay in the news.

3) She doesn’t want to be president of the United States any more than she wanted to be governor of Alaska. Running on a third-party ticket guarantees she’ll lose.

4) She’s an egomaniac.

5) She can use campaign slush funds to accumulate a lot of new designer outfits.

Sarah Palin as a teabagger Ross Perot? Seems like (pardon the expression) a no-brainer. I hereby endorse her candidacy.



  1. If this knucklehead ever became president, this country would surely go down the drain in a heart beat.

  2. Oh yes, I endorse her candidacy as well.


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