Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ron Paul Is Clueless

A lot of young people seem to like Ron Paul. They probably just finished reading The Fountainhead and are getting ready to tackle Atlas Shrugged. They think libertarianism is cool. It’s all part of growing up in the dorm. 

But Ron Paul is really just an old fart screaming at the government to get off his lawn. His former campaign manager — who couldn’t get private health insurance because of a pre-existing condition — recently died in a coma owing $400,000 in medical bills. And yet:

Paul blamed government interference and regulation designed to benefit insurance and pharmaceutical companies for shooting up medical prices for people like Kent, which he said explained why health care was no longer as affordable as it was in the 1950s and 1960s, when he said he charged $3 for an office visit.

“If you look at your cell phone or TV or computer the prices have crashed, they’re real low and we get higher quality,” he told reporters. “Except in medicine it has pushed prices up because there’s no market there, there’s no competition.”

Three-dollar office visits? I guess the guy across the street was charging $3.25, so Ron Paul got all the medical business. 

Times have changed, Doctor. We landed on the Moon and everything.



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