Posted by: Rick | Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tonight’s GOP Debate: Keep An Eye On The Audience

“It takes balls to execute an innocent man.” — anonymous Republican primary voter on Rick Perry

People of a certain age may recall the phrase “acid, amnesty and abortion”. It was used by Republicans in 1972 to paint Democrats as a bunch of dangerous radicals.

Well, turnabout is fair play. A possibly innocent man was executed in Georgia last night, which is sure to get the juices flowing among the dangerous radicals in the Republican base. In the last two GOP debates, these bloodthirsty nihilists have enthusiastically cheered all manner of American death, including death by lack of health insurance. It all got pretty ugly, as Rick Perry might say.

Independent voters won’t approve of such behavior. Short of issuing muzzles at the door, I don’t know what Republican debate officials can do to control the barbarians.



  1. The moderators should call out on the morons in the audience, and tell them to stop or out the door they go. But, since its Fox News, well they could care less.


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