Posted by: Rick | Friday, September 30, 2011

Political Percentages (Right-Wing Extremist Edition)

Republicans who still think Barack Obama was born in Kenya: 30%

Republicans who think Barack Obama is a Muslim: 30%

Republicans who think Barack Obama is a Communist: 25%

Republicans who think Barack Obama is the Antichrist: 10%

Chance that at the next Republican debate, the audience engages in inappropriate cheering and/or booing: 97%

Chance that, upon hearing such inappropriate cheering and/or booing, any of the candidates onstage chastises the audience: 10%

Chance that any conservative at Fox News criticizes such inappropriate cheering and/or booing: 0%

Chance that Rick Perry flip-flops on the issue of education for illegal immigrants: 75%

Chance that, if Chris Christie runs for the Republican nomination, the Party ultimately rejects him as too liberal: 80%

Chance that Mitt Romney is the last candidate standing: 70%

Republicans who “held their nose” and voted for John McCain in 2008 who will “hold their nose” and vote for Mitt Romney in 2012: 85%

Chance that, if Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee, he chooses Herman Cain as his running mate: 33%



  1. Chance that Ron Paul would win an election against Obama: Paul 51% – Obama 49%


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