Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Compassionate Conservatism Returns

Tonight in New Hampshire:

8:23 P.M — Perry, given his chance, hit at Romney over the Massachusetts health care plan, saying a chief Romney adviser said it was the same as Obama’s plan. He said it’s driven up the cost of small business premiums in Massachusetts.

Romney hit back smartly, in a way Perry should’ve seen coming: “I’m proud of the fact that we took on a major problem in my state” — that 8 percent were uninsured. He said Massachusetts has the lowest number of uninsured kids and, to Perry, “you have the highest.”

“We have less than 1 percent of our kids uninsured. You have a million kids uninsured,” Romney said. While he said his plan wasn’t perfect, “I care about people.” [Emphasis added]

Is Mitt Romney confident or what? Republican primary voters aren’t in a caring mood. They want to privatize Social Security and kill Medicare. But Mitt knows he’s the only electable candidate in this field of extremists. More importantly, he knows everyone else knows. So he’s brazenly spewing his general election horseshit ahead of time. He’s rubbing his “compassion” right in the teabaggers’ faces — and they’ll just have to take it, because they hate Obama more than they hate him.

(Of course, the election is a year away, so look for Mitt to be flip-flopping a few times before it’s over.)



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