Posted by: Rick | Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flat Tax “Plus”: Better Than 9-9-9

While listening to Herman Cain talk about the laziness of the unemployed, I was inspired to formulate a tax plan (even simpler than 9-9-9) which I am confident will cut the deficit in half and lead to an economic boom. I call it Flat Tax Plus.

Flat Tax Plus is based on an undeniably true premise: Although a traditional flat tax may seem to create a level playing field, it is, upon reflection, inherently unfair to the job creators, who are doing all the important work. Justice demands that job creators be taxed at a much lower rate than the sponges who live off them, who should be taxed till it hurts. This revolutionary form of regressive taxation — aside from being completely fair — will incentivize society’s slackers to start pulling their own weight and even, perhaps, to become job creators themselves. Result: economic growth and increased revenue.

I am sending copies of my proposal to all the Republican presidential candidates for their consideration.



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