Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Herman Cain: Last Wingnut Standing

Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican presidential nominee, and everyone knows it — which is why Herman Cain will surive accusations of sexual harassment.

Republican base voters don’t care about the (alleged) immorality of Cain’s behavior any more than they cared about the (proven) idiocy of his 9-9-9 plan. That’s because Herman Cain is all that stands between them and the Mitt Romney Inevitability Train. And with Rick Perry apparently deciding to lose his mind in public, the wingnuts need to keep Cain erect and (theoretically) viable until they bring themselves to stomach the idea of voting for Romney.

For his part, just to be on the safe side, Cain is playing the Clarence Thomas “high-tech-lynching” victim card, but it’s completely unnecessary. Most Republicans won’t mind if it turns out Herman got a little grabby with the help back in the day. Cain isn’t Romney, and right now, that’s all that matters.



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