Posted by: Rick | Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Oldest Meme

Is any right-wing attack on Occupy Wall Street more tiresome than the one invoking rich Hollywood liberals? Here’s Professor Victor Davis Hanson phoning it in at NRO:

Did Johnny Depp really have to earn $50 million last year alone — or Leonardo DiCaprio $77 million? Couldn’t they have settled for $2 million in salary in 2010, and thereby passed on a little bit of the savings to their ticket-buying fans? What kind of system would allow Oprah Winfrey or the late Michael Jackson each to accumulate nearly $1 billion? Is left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore — reportedly worth $50 million — a one-percenter? Why does such an enemy of capitalism need so much capitalist largesse?

What, no mention of Barbra Streisand? Come on, Victor. She’s a classic.

But seriously — the American people have moved way beyond this nonsense. Even Republican uber-tool Eric Cantor has been forced to pay lip service to the problem of rising income inequality.

The wingnuts are slipping into irrelevancy.



  1. Any port in a storm, the saying goes.

  2. It would be nice to watch them disappear, and not come back.


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