Posted by: Rick | Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nervous A@@hole

“To the 1%.”

Mark Steyn is a preening, low-rent H. L. Mencken manqué from Canada who entertains the rubes at National Review Online with absurdly overwritten and painfully unfunny screeds about America being the “brokest nation in history”. As a professional right-wing asshole, Mr. Steyn frequently substitutes for Rush Limbaugh when Rush is in the Dominican rendering his fat and scoring hookers. (Imagine Mark Levin with a phony British accent, and you’ll get an approximation of the Steyn Radio Experience. It’s not for the squeamish.)

This morning Steyn declares himself “a proud member of the 1 percent,” and writes of the Occupy Wall Street movement:

I don’t “stand with the 99%,” and certainly not downwind of them. But I’m all for their “occupation” continuing on its merry way. It usefully clarifies the stakes. At first glance, an alliance of anarchists and government might appear to be somewhat paradoxical. But the formal convergence in Oakland makes explicit the movement’s aims: They’re anarchists for statism, wild free-spirited youth demanding more and more total government control of every aspect of life — just so long as it respects the fundamental human right to sloth.

Panic much, Mr. Steyn?



  1. You’re right. He is an asshole!

  2. heh, you really think many people are panicked by the occupy crowds?

  3. Right-wingers are panicked by the movement’s success. So is Bank of America.

  4. I don’t think he or anyone is panicked by OWS and its offshoots. Amused and bemused is probably more appropriate. So what particular point of the quote do you not agree with? Anarchists seemingly protesting for more government oversight or at least casting their lot with those that do….?

    • No one is advocating a “fundamental human right to sloth”. It’s absurd. And so is Mark Steyn.

  5. Mark Steyn’s brilliance will shine long after you – what was your name? Oh, Rick. Yes. That’s right – are an unread footnote in history.

    • About as bright as a 3-watt light bulb.

  6. Unresearched ad hominems, how lazy of you, yawn….

    Mark Steyn was born in Canada but educated in Birmingham, England. This is not very far from the town where I grew up so I can assure you his English accent is not fake. Neither is his writing but you are welcome to fact check him. It may help to pass the time while you enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, after all you are his official “Reader of the Day”

    • What I dislike most about Mark Steyn is not his annoying accent, but his “Brokest Nation in History” shtick. It’s a ridiculous lie that he trots out daily in service to the oligarchs.

      Oh, and on matters of war and peace, Mr. Steyn — aside from being a hate merchant — is surely the “Wrongest Pundit in History.”

      • Can you please provide details of a nation in history that has been more broke than the USA is today?

  7. You really have your dress pulled over your head. Martin Jackson has it right; try breathing through your nostrils, eschew the shrill diatribes, and try to say something substantive.

  8. very clever critique of Mr Steyn’s positions. Well articulated, thought out and clear. You express yourself very well. but I guess when that fails you could just revert to personal insults.

  9. What an amusing post! A series of sentences strung together that, at once, fail to convey anything resembling a coherent argument while at the same time showing us what a grown man in full panic looks like.

  10. You are apparently amazingly ignorant of the truth. Continue to sleep your blissful sleep of ignorance. And why is it that left wing commentary always, and I mean always, degenerates to ad hominem attacks and vulgarity? It really says so much…


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