Posted by: Rick | Monday, November 7, 2011

Romney To Produce 2012 Campaign “Flip-Flop Schedule”

FOX NEWS — Acknowledging that his reputation as a flip-flopper is “set in stone,” Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans to issue a schedule of his upcoming general election flip-flops.

“A president must speak for all the people, not just for the most extreme members of his own party,” said the former Massachusetts governor in an appearance on Fox & Friends. “And after I’m nominated, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Although right now I’m a thousand percent behind all my conservative positions, I won’t always have that luxury. It’s called ‘acting presidential’.”

Some of Romney’s advisers have urged him to package his new flip-flops into a major “flip-flop address” as soon as he accumulates enough delegates to secure the GOP nomination, but the candidate strongly rejects that idea, at least for now.

“Such a cynical speech would show great disrespect both to the process and also to those sincere Republican extremists that I unfortunately have to throw under the bus next year,” said Romney. “Besides, each one of my flip-flops deserves its own place in the sun. I want to leave moderate Americans with absolutely no doubt about where I plan to stand when I’m sworn in as their president.”

Romney said he would release his flip-flop schedule “sometime next spring.” He also hinted that his first flip-flop would involve Iraq.

“Look, Republican primary voters want to hear me attack the current president for being weak and a borderline traitor, and I respect that,” said Romney. “But it’s just rhetoric. I can’t possibly get elected if I remind people of Dick Cheney — no way, no how. Believe me, when I debate Barack Obama, there won’t be a sliver of daylight between the two of us on Bush’s war. Count on it.”



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