Posted by: Rick | Friday, December 2, 2011

Rich White Guys United

This morning on Squawk Box, CNBC is airing a “Job Creators Roundtable”. It features members of something called the “Job Creators Alliance”.

The Job Creators Alliance claims to be “a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)3 organization. Our goal is to defend and preserve the system of free enterprise in the United States for future generations so entrepreneurship can flourish, resulting in job creation.”

If this sounds like bullshit, that’s because it is. The Job Creators Alliance is nothing more than a disseminator of Republican propaganda. Every single GOP economic talking point can be found, verbatim, on its website. For example:

The large role the Federal government has taken in the economy and the prospect of higher taxes and increased regulation have created uncertainty, making job creators and innovators reluctant to start new businesses and hire additional workers.  When companies can’t predict whether their taxes will rise or whether new regulations will damage their business, they can’t plan for the future. Uncertainty paralyzes decisions to expand, invest in new equipment, and create new jobs.

This shit comes out of John Boehner’s piehole every week.

The rich white guys bankrolling the “Job Creators Alliance” don’t give a fuck about “creating jobs”. They just don’t want to pay taxes. And they want to elect Republicans so they won’t have to.

How stupid do they think we are?



  1. This segment was a joke. It was pretty much three CEOs taking turns bashing Austan Goolesby, the Obama administration, and government in general. All the while, Andrew Sorkin and Becky Quick just sat there while Joe Kernan piled on Goolesby with the Superfriends, er, I mean Job Creator Alliance. I’ll sum up the message of the Alliance: government always bad, private sector always good, lower our taxes, and repeal regulations. Old, predictable, and shallow talking points.


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