Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BREAKING: Huntsman Rejoins GOP Race

In August I reported that Jon Huntsman, in admitting that he believed in the reality of climate change, had dropped of the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

I can now report that the former Utah governor, in deftly executing the extremely difficult “quasi-flip-flop” maneuver, is back in:

“There are questions about the validity of the science, evidenced by one university over in Scotland recently,” Huntsman said [today], referring to the East Anglia University conspiracy that continues to fuel climate change skepticism. “I think the onus is on the scientific community to provide more in the way of information, to help clarify the situation.”

My sources also tell me that should Newt Gingrich crash and burn, Huntsman plans to embrace creationism and to wonder aloud about President Obama’s birth certificate.



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