Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Making Chicken Salad Out Of Chicken Shit

Establishment Republicans must be shell-shocked. They once thought they were going to get either a battle-tested Mitt Romney or a hard-charging Rick Perry. Now they find themselves staring straight down the barrel of Newt Gingrich’s piehole.

Still, they’re trying not to panic. Here’s Yuval Levin at National Review:

I think Gingrich has the intensity and the understanding of the importance of the moment that many Republican voters are looking for — he radiates a sense that the choice before us is utterly crucial and decisive (even if one sometimes gets the impression that he would radiate the same sense when asked to choose between paper and plastic), and with regard to the coming election a lot of Republicans share that sense. I certainly do. He also of course has a record in high office that includes some impressive accomplishments during his speakership — welfare reform, the balanced budget — though also some very costly failures that seemed to flow from deficiencies in his temperament or his style of management.

This is nice, but here’s the problem: Newt Gingrich is unelectable.

Here’s another problem: Newt Gingrich is kicking Mitt Romney’s ass. In order to beat Newt, Mitt has to tack right; which means there are plenty more flip-flops in his future; which means Barack Obama is sleeping well these days.

Gingrich isn’t Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry or Herman Cain. He’s smart, and he doesn’t have to be choirboy. It won’t be easy for establishment types like Karl Rove to get him out of Romney’s way.

Until they figure out how to do it, they’ll continue to pretend they don’t know Newt is the Hindenburg.



  1. he has my conservative friends pretty excited, but I get your point: doesn’t seem moderate enough for the independents.

    He’s very smart though … probably the only national conservative that I would trust if he were to become pres.


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