Posted by: Rick | Friday, January 6, 2012

Trump Card: A Million Jobs

One million. That’s the political number of the day. A thousand thousand.

1,000,000 is the difference between the number of jobs the American economy was losing in January 2009 (when George W. Bush — having done sufficient damage to secure his place at the very bottom of the presidential barrel and to merit permanent self-imposed exile from public life forever — flew back to Crawford for the last time, there to nestle in a cocoon of sycophants) and the number of jobs the American economy was creating in December 2011. From minus 800,000 to plus 200,000. One million jobs. Per month.

Slowly, relentlessly, things are improving in this country. If voters begin to feel it, even a little bit, then the antics of Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and their supporting cast of teabaggers and other disgruntled wingnuts won’t make a damn bit of difference. Barack Obama will be re-elected. It might not even be close.

Such are the unexpected benefits of following the shittiest president in history.



  1. Have you seen how Romney is now saying the economy is improving “despite” Obama’s policies?

    They just can’t acknowledge anything positive even when doing so would show they can be a bigger person… an adult amidst the childish behavior we’ve witnessed over the last year.


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