Posted by: Rick | Monday, January 16, 2012

Why Huntsman Is Dropping Out

In my last job I came into contact with lots of teabaggers and other assorted wingnuts. One thing they all seemed to have in common is a firm conviction that global warming is a hoax. This belief is extremely important to them, and they will pontificate on it at the drop of a hat. (Listening to their rants can be quite painful, as they choose to get their information on climate change from the likes of Steve Doocy and Rush Limbaugh rather than from people who know stuff.) In this they are guided by a fundamental anti-intellectualism and by a distrust of politicians who put scientific reality ahead of bumper sticker ideology.

So when last August Jon Huntsman tweeted, “I trust scientists on global warming,” I knew he wasn’t a serious candidate for president — and I said so here. For in today’s Republican Party, you can be a shameless flip-flopper like Mitt Romney; you can be a fount of half-baked ideas like Newt Gingrich; you can even be a crazy old libertarian gold bug like Ron Paul; but you can’t be a condescending, smarty-pants warmist like Al Gore.

Or Jon Huntsman.



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