Posted by: Rick | Friday, January 27, 2012

I Like Mitt Romney

I guess I just don’t understand political “likability”. George W. Bush was a guy I was supposed to want to have a beer with, but I couldn’t stand the smirking little towel snapper. And now everyone seems to hate Mitt Romney. Even his supporters don’t like him.

Why, pray tell? He seems like a decent enough person. A horrible candidate, for sure, but what’s to hate?

I don’t get it.



  1. I think people dislike his willingness to take responsibility for things. For example, when it was brought up that he has swiss bank accounts he deffered the issue to his blind trust. When people gave him a hard time about his wealth he seemed apologitic about the issue. When they mentioned his attacks on Gingrich on the radio he said he hadn’t seen the add that it was his campign manager’s decision (although he endorsed it). When it came to other ads it was his Super-Pac. He couldn’t defend Romney care… etc.

    I like a man who says – this is how I did it – I was right/wrong – I take responsibility and defend my choice. He kind of skirts the issues. He did do better in the 1/26/2012 Florida debate on CNN though.

    • I meant “not to take responsibility for things” šŸ™‚

      • Romney wants to be president so bad he’ll say anything. Ironically, this is why he’ll never be president.

        He still comes across likable to me. A likable flip-flopper.


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