Posted by: Rick | Sunday, February 12, 2012

Conservatives Aren’t Funny

I didn’t think it was possible for a professional comedian to be less funny than Dennis Miller, but boy, was I wrong. This weekend, CPAC 2012 subjected its attendees to a performer so unalloyedly dreadful he gives transcendental meaning to the word “sucks.”

Brad Stine is billed as “America’s conservative comedian.” Does that mean he’s the only one? I pray that it does.

Stine bellows his material at the top of his lungs (but trust me, he’s no Sam Kinison) while pacing back and forth across the stage like a drunk looking for the men’s room. Nothing he says is funny.

I defy anyone to watch more than two minutes of this:

I’m surprised the poor bastards forced to endure this train wreck didn’t rush the stage with pitchforks looking for the sadists responsible for booking it.

No wonder conservatives are so pissed-off all the time.



  1. 1 minute.

  2. i watched about 7 minutes and now i’m looking for my tylenol

  3. Almost four minutes & I noticed that Brad Stine is being Politically Correct in front of CPAC.

  4. At 10:35 he makes a joke about a kid not wearing a seat belt crushing his skull on a metal dashboard. Ah, the good old days.

    What a prick.


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