Posted by: Rick | Saturday, February 25, 2012

Obama Hater Jumps The Shark

The following post appeared in Jim Geraghty’s campaign blog at National Review Online yesterday. I present it in its entirety because it’s so mind-bogglingly stupid:

A fascinating detail about life in the presidential bubble, from July 2010:

The president’s last personal car was a Ford Escape hybrid that was returned when the lease was up, an official said. He now is often driven in a car dubbed ‘the beast’ for its armor plating and bulletproof glass.

Obviously, presidents get few chances to drive themselves (the article says Obama has driven twice since spring 2007) and ex-presidents are probably chauffeured around for the rest of their days as well.

But when Obama says, “we are experiencing just another painful reminder of why developing new energy is so critical to our future,” and “if we’re going to avoid being at the mercy of these world events” . . . it’s fascinating to learn that not only does Obama not pay for his own gas, not only has it probably been at least six, and perhaps eight years since he’s pumped his own gas . . . he doesn’t even own or lease a car!

The wingnuts — I kid you not — are already incensed that Barack Obama has the audacity to use Air Force One instead of flying coach. Now they’re going to insist he drive around Washington in his own pick-up truck.

Oh, and by the way — here’s the inside of the Reagan Library:



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