Posted by: Rick | Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wango Tango: Ted Nugent Throws Support To Romney

FOX NEWS — Rock musician Ted Nugent, an original backer of Rick Perry for president, has endorsed the candidacy of Mitt Romney.

“I know he flip-flops like a groupie in a hotel room, but I still think he stands the best chance of sending Barack Obama back to Kenya where he belongs,” said Nugent in an interview with FOX’s Sean Hannity. “Lock and load, baby.”

A Romney spokesman says the Nugent endorsement is just the beginning.

“The Governor wants to bring some excitement to this race,” says Salvatore Monella, director of field operations for the Romney campaign. “He’s actively reaching out to other musicians, and we expect to announce some major endorsements very soon.”

Sources close to the campaign tell FOX News that Tim Gaines, bass player for Stryper, and Andrew Ridgeley, former member of Wham!, are planning to endorse Romney before Super Tuesday.

Ridgeley is a British citizen who spends most of his time surfing and playing golf. It’s unclear how much impact his endorsement will have on an American presidential race.


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