Posted by: Rick | Friday, March 9, 2012

Rick Santelli Is In A Foul Mood

We got another good economic report today: 227,000 new private sector jobs were added in February.

In January 2009, when George W. Bush was still president, the economy lost 598,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate jumped from 7.2% to 7.6%. Now, I’m no statistician, but I don’t think these are very good numbers.

All of which is making Rick Santelli very cranky. This morning, as economists on CNBC discussed the good news, the godfather of the Tea Party movement could be seen sulking in his corner square, unable to muster the nerve to be his usual Debbie Downer self. Steve Liesman tried to goad him into saying something stupid, to no avail. It was pretty funny.

As the economy improves, the wingnuts are going to get hysterical. It’s all they have left.



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