Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, April 11, 2012

BREAKING: Romney To Co-Host “The View”

CNN — In an apparent attempt to close the “gender gap” he has with women voters, Mitt Romney will appear all next week on ABC’s The View, the Romney campaign announced today. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee will substitute for Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

GOP strategist Ed Rollins thinks it’s a smart move. “The visuals alone should go a long way toward humanizing him,” he says. “My advice to Romney would be to say as little as possible. I’ve been on that show. The last thing Mitt needs is an unforced error when Joy Behar gets in his face.”

Others aren’t so sure. Democratic consultant James Carville says the decision “smacks of desperation,” while conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is calling it “disgusting” and “yet another example of the feminization of the American male.”

The Obama campaign had no comment.



  1. Yes, sitting silently through the entire show… that will definitely make Mitt Romney more like a real human person, and less like a corporation. Oh wait, I forgot, corporations are people too.


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