Posted by: Rick | Thursday, April 19, 2012

Poor, Poor Pitiful Mitt

Yesterday President Obama noted that he and his wife weren’t born with silver spoons in their mouths. This outrageous bit of truth-telling sent the dauphin of silver spoondom straight into the loving arms of Steve Doocy for a Fox & Friends quickie:

Barack Obama, you see, likes to “scapegoat” his fellow Americans. But Republicans love everybody the same. They have no scapegoats. Unless, of course, you count:

  • People who belong to labor unions
  • Government employees
  • Women who need contraceptives
  • LGBT
  • Muslims
  • The unemployed
  • Children of undocumented workers
  • Students with crushing debt
  • Public school teachers
  • Climate experts and other inconvenient scientists
  • People without health insurance
  • Single mothers
  • Anyone who doesn’t bow down before the “job creators”

It takes brass balls and no conscience to be Mitt Romney. To be a complete phony completely consumed by ambition. To be willing to say anything and mean nothing. To lie all the time.



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