Posted by: Rick | Thursday, April 19, 2012

Romney On Taxes: “Clear It With Grover”

While shaking down some millionaires for campaign cash the other day, Mitt Romney hinted that, in an attempt to “pay for” his proposed gargantuan tax cut, he might be willing to eliminate the mortgage deduction on second mansions. Credulous media types took him seriously, but anyone who knows anything about today’s Republican Party knows this is a head fake. Here’s how such an attempt actually would go down in a Romney Administration:

TREASURY SECRETARY HERMAN CAIN: Mr. President, the bond market is beginning to get nervous. I’m afraid we’re going to have to raise some revenue.

PRESIDENT MITT ROMNEY: I’m all ears, Herman. What do you suggest?

SECRETARY CAIN: How about eliminating the mortgage deduction on second homes?

PRESIDENT ROMNEY: Fine. Clear it with Grover.

Five minutes later. . .

GROVER NORQUIST: No. Next question.

Republicans will NEVER agree to ANY tax increase on the rich. Their whole house of cards might come tumbling down.



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