Posted by: Rick | Saturday, May 12, 2012

Romney’s Teenage Wasteland

When Mitt Romney was in prep school, he thought it was perfectly okay to assemble a posse of kids tougher than he was and assault a fellow student who didn’t conform to his notion of acceptable masculinity. Fifty years later, he still views the incident as no big deal. Nothing more than “hijinks” and a “prank.”

Clearly Mitt Romney’s moral growth has been stunted. He sees people as objects that must bend to his desires. Take a look at this:

Apparently, Colorado voters care about the issue of medical marijuana. Well, too fucking bad. Romney wants to talk about the economy — and that’s ALL he wants to talk about. So he starts whining.

I suppose whining to a reporter is preferable to recruiting a champion wrestler to hold a kid down while you cut off his hair. But it flows from the same rancid source.



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