Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birtherism Lite™

I estimate that hardcore birthers comprise at least a third of the Republican electorate. The Romney campaign cannot officially indulge these lunatics, but the birther beast must be fed somehow.

Enter Birtherism Lite™. Here’s a sample of the latest teabagger taste sensation:

Dreams from My Father reveals Barack Obama as a self-constructed, racially obsessed man who regards most whites as oppressors. It is the work of a clever but shallow thinker who confuses ideological cliché for insight — a man who sees U.S. history as a narrow, bitter tale of race and class victimization. The Barack Obama presented in these pages is not electable to national office. No wonder that Obama, aided by a compliant media, has created a new self for public view, one the Obama of Dreams wouldn’t recognize and probably would disdain.

This is from a blog post at National Review Online entitled “Who Is Barack Obama?” The post was not written to make a compelling case against Obama that would appeal to independent voters. It was written to keep the Republican birther beast from going on a racist rampage and getting blood all over Mitt Romney’s freshly pressed moderate blue jeans. Sorry, birthers. This is all you’re going to get from Willard’s team. A few measly code words.

And if Barack Obama has to talk about Kenya and Jeremiah Wright, won’t Mitt Romney have to talk about polygamy and Planet Kolob?



  1. It’s amazing how hard Romney tries to be all things to all people, and how badly he fails at it.


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