Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, May 23, 2012

59 Points And All Of Them Suck

It looks like Mitt “The Job Creator” Romney is going to need a lifeline to keep from drowning in a toxic pool of private equity sludge. He clearly hasn’t come up with a presidential caliber excuse for all those Bain layoffs and ripoffs. What’s a candidate to do?

Hey, wait. Last September, the Romnobots went down to the lab and came back with a “59 Point Economic Plan.” Maybe if Mitt waves that thing around for a while, he can change the subject.

Nope. I just skimmed the Plan again. It still sucks.

Look, there are three and only three Republican economic policies: tax giveaways, union-busting, and deregulation. That’s it. Romney’s pdf lackeys stretched the desiccated carcasses of these right-wing war horses thin enough to produce 87 pages of snooze-inducing campaign bullshit. The only thing that kept me awake was the magnitude of the lying. Here’s my favorite Romnoid “fact”: The Obama Administration’s ozone regulations are going to destroy 7,300,000 jobs. Holy shit! I’d better vote for Willard!

No, the “59 Point Plan” will stay on the interwebs, where it was spawned. In fact, Romney may be throwing in the towel on economic specificity altogether. Today he told Time magazine that he ought to be president because “I have 25 years of experience in the private sector.”

What a coincidence, Mitt. So do I!



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