Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When It Pays To Be Stupid

Roger Ailes, quoted at Media Matters:

Well, first, I separate out news from programming. If you’re talking about programming, we noticed that all the talk shows on the other networks basically had progressive or liberal talk show hosts. We have one conservative on FOX News, Sean Hannity. Quite open about it, that’s what he is, that’s what he does, that’s his framework, that’s where he comes from. Others tend to be libertarians or populists or you can’t really tell.

I think I know what Ailes is trying to sell here: Sean Hannity is such an idiot and such an obvious Republican lapdog that his high-profile presence at Fox makes Bill O’Reilly and John Stossel look like brilliant iconoclasts by comparison, even though they’re all on the same political team. Hannity’s mouth-breathing stupidity is the very thing that keeps him on television.

If Sean were just a little brighter, he’d be working construction.



  1. Lol, one conservative. Ailes is a sack of filth.


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