Posted by: Rick | Sunday, June 10, 2012

Romney’s Lies: Lie #5 (With Free Bonus Flip-Flop!)

Romney Lie Number Five:

The president came in, and he didn’t cause the recession, as you know . . . but he didn’t make it better, he made things worse.

This lie was so blatant that even Romney couldn’t keep selling it at full strength. Here’s the big fat liar backpedaling with Laura Ingraham:

Ingraham pointed out that the President and Treasury Secretary have said the economy is getting better, with more job being created on a monthly basis. Romney himself, she added, has said there are signs improvement on the horizon. So, “how do you answer the President’s argument that the economy is getting better in a general election campaign if you yourself are saying that it’s getting better?”

“Well, of course it’s getting better,” said Romney. “The economy always gets better after a recession.” The question, he continued, is whether it’s getting better because of something the President has done, or whether he’s delaying that inevitable recovery. You can guess which side of the fence Romney falls on.

“Isn’t that a hard argument to make?” asked Ingraham.

Romney didn’t flinch: “Do you have a better one, Laura?”

I’ve never seen a politician display so much outright contempt for the voters. What a tool.



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