Posted by: Rick | Monday, July 2, 2012

Who Cared First?

Some recent history, Abbott and Costello style. . .

Krugman: Strange as it may seem, health care plans nowadays have very peculiar names.

Blitzer: Funny names?

Krugman: Nicknames, nicknames. For instance, now we have Hillarycare, Romneycare, and Obamacare.

Blitzer: I want you to tell me who invented what when.

Krugman: I’m telling you. Hillary invented Hillarycare, Romney invented Romneycare, and Romney invented Obamacare.

Blitzer: So Hillary invented Hillarycare?

Krugman: Yes.

Blitzer: And Romney invented Romneycare?

Krugman: Yes.

Blitzer: And Obama invented Obamacare?

Krugman: No.

Blitzer: What?

Krugman: Romney invented Obamacare.

Blitzer: Why?

Krugman: Because Obama couldn’t.

Blitzer: Why couldn’t he?

Krugman: Because Hillary invented Hillarycare.

Blitzer: When?

Krugman: Before.

Blitzer: Why?

Krugman: Because Reagan didn’t invent Reagancare.

Blitzer: Why didn’t he?

Krugman: Because Reagan didn’t care.

Blitzer: Does Hillary care?

Krugman: Yes.

Blitzer: Does Obama care?

Krugman: Yes.

Blitzer: Does Romney care?

Krugman: No.

Blitzer: Why doesn’t he?

Krugman: Because Romney hates Romneycare.

Blitzer: Why?

Krugman: Because Ryan invented Ryancare.

Blitzer: What’s Ryancare?

Krugman: Vouchercare.

Blitzer: What’s Vouchercare?

Krugman: You don’t want to know.

Thank you, ladies and germs!



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