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Romneyspeak: A Taxonomy

I am one of maybe a dozen liberals who regularly post comments at the right-wing National Review Online. This one was so nice I’m using it twice:

I would create five major categories of Mitt Romney statements:

1) GAFFES: Romney insulting the British is a gaffe. Even if he was telling the truth, it was pointless, and it got him in trouble.

2) FLIP-FLOPS: On Palestinians and “culture”, Romney made a statement, flip-flopped, and then flip-flopped on his flip-flop, all in about 48 hours. Romney is the greatest flip-flopper ever.

3) WEIRD ROBOTIC COMMENTS: Romney gratuitously insults someone’s cookies. Romney says trees in Michigan are the right height. “Less human than human.”

4) LIES: Too numerous to count, though I’ve been trying.

5) PABLUM: This comprises the majority of Romney utterances, which have no substance. Basically, he goes around saying, “I’m not Obama. Vote for me.”

There may be sixth major category (PANDERING TO HIS BASE), but I’ll leave it at five for now. A nice round number.

At NRO, calm progressive rationality is invariably met with sputtering personal  invective. Here’s how Kyle from Michigan reacted to my thoughts:

Why do you miserable little lefties keep on pushing the lie that Romney insulted the British? We have Romney’s exact words and anyone with two functioning brain cells can understand what he was saying. It wasn’t a gaffe and it wasn’t an insult. This whole thing is big liberal lie that you people keep on repeating again and again in the hope that it will stick because most sources don’t report the original quote.

To which I responded:

The opinion of “miserable little lefties” is irrelevant. The British took umbrage with Romney’s assessment of their efforts.

And stop insulting me!

You can check out the lovefest here.



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