Posted by: Rick | Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mitt Romney: Leftward Ho!

Political pundits who say Mitt Romney’s “bold choice” of Paul Ryan as his running mate means Romney plans on playing to his right-wing base have it all wrong. Here’s the truth: Romney wants Paul Ryan to play to his right-wing base while Romney engages in a succession of left-leaning flip-flops so audacious in its degree of difficulty it would give Gabby Douglas nightmares.

People seem to forget that Romney still has huge problems with women and Latinos, among other key groups. Ryan’s job as Number Two is to keep the teabaggers and other assorted Republican wingnuts occupied while Romney tries to clean up the mess he made for himself in the primaries getting to the right of Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich. Romney was going to be saddled with Ryan’s wildly unpopular budget anyway. Sending its creator out to defend his monstrous creation kills two birds with one stone, particularly since the media has bought into the ludicrous “Paul-Ryan-as-courageous-wonder-boy” line of horseshit.

Never forget: The words “bold” and “Romney” may never be conjoined. Everything he says or does is for short-term political gain.

Bird gotta fly, Mitt gotta flip-flop.



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