Posted by: Rick | Friday, August 24, 2012

Romney Campaign Issues List Of Acceptable Interview Topics

FOX NEWS — In what it characterizes as “an attempt to simplify things for the media”, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has released a list of topics on which reporters may ask the presumptive Republican nominee questions.

“We’re tired of the fear and smear tactics coming from Barack Obama and his hateful henchmen,” said Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney’s top political strategist. “We’re not going to sink to the president’s level by responding to questions about our candidate’s career at Bain Capital, his term as governor of Massachusetts, his wealth, his tax returns, his religion, his policy proposals, or his positions on the issues, especially on Afghanistan, abortion, education, tax fairness, and the Paul Ryan budget. These are nothing more than distractions designed to cover for the president’s failed policies.”

Here is the list of acceptable interview topics, as provided by Mr. Fehrnstrom:

President Obama’s failed policies

Governor Romney’s awesomeness

Governor Romney’s favorite color

In an interview with FOX’s Sean Hannity, Romney’s wife Ann emphasized that this list is “non-negotiable”.

“You people already have enough information about my husband to elect him ten times over,” said Mrs. Romney. “There will be no more releases of any more information until we hire someone to write his presidential memoirs.”



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