Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stupid Girls

This year’s Republican strategy for courting women voters? Insult their intelligence:

Mitt Romney’s campaign team believes the election will be determined by women. But it says the suburban moms they’re most focused on winning over don’t care much about Todd Akin and the GOP’s rightward lurch on abortion rights.

“I think to these women, the women’s issues they’re really concerned about are the survival of their family and making ends meet in their household. They’re worried about providing for their kids and what kind of future their kids’ are going to have,” Romney pollster Neil Newhouse said on a panel here sponsored by ABC News and Yahoo Tuesday.

“Those are the issues they’re concerned about,” he said. “And you know what? They’re not really paying that much attention to the nightly news.”

See, these ladies spend their lives wearing a path from the bedroom to the kitchen. The “news” is for the menfolk.



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