Posted by: Rick | Monday, September 17, 2012

Headed For A Beatdown: Top Ten Romney Talking Points That Are Completely Delusional

10. Romney’s gaffes on the British Olympics were not gaffes and will not hurt him.

9. Ann Romney can close the gender gap for her husband.

8. Voters blame Barack Obama more than George W. Bush for the weak economy.

7. Obama is vulnerable on the issue of national security.

6. Romney’s tough talk on foreign policy makes independents want to vote for him.

5. Voters don’t care that Romney won’t release his tax returns.

4. Romney has not lied during this campaign, and Obama won’t be able to charge him with lying when they debate in October.

3. Obama received no bounce from the Democratic convention.

2. On the issue of Medicare, Republicans will fight Democrats to a draw.

And the number one Romney talking point that’s completely delusional:

1. The race is dead even.



  1. But there is actually a point where Romney and GOP are not delusional: in 7 weeks before the election, anything could happen. Even if Romney had been trailing by 30-40 points, it would still make sense for him to stick around until November just to hope something bad for Obama happens. Hey, Mitt has millions of dollars to waste and nothing better to do, so why not?


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