Posted by: Rick | Friday, September 21, 2012

Blaming The Victim: Leave Mitt Alone!

As Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign circles the drain, Republican pundits are loudly bemoaning the many manifest inadequacies of their crappy leader. To be sure, Romney is a horrible candidate, but does Peggy Noonan think Newt Gingrich would be doing any better? Herman Cain? Rick Santorum? Republicans got the candidate they deserve.

After all, it’s not Romney’s fault that the inmates are running the asylum. Mitt was the only remotely electable GOP politician willing to twist himself into a right-wing pretzel in order to slip past the gauntlet of teabaggers standing guard at the gates of Tampa. Daniels, Christie, and Bush didn’t have the nerve. Their cowardice left the field wide open for Romney to shit the bed.

So leave Mitt alone, Bill Kristol. Start cleaning up the mess in your own backyard, and maybe your party will have a shot in 2016.



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