Posted by: Rick | Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Descent: From Ingraham To Wilkow

Some time ago I wrote a post called “Brain Drain” in which I estimated the IQs of various right-wing radio personalities. The list looked like this:

  • Laura Ingraham 130
  • G. Gordon Liddy 128
  • Mark Levin 121
  • Michael Medved 117
  • Hugh Hewitt 114
  • Neil Boortz 111
  • Bill O’Reilly 110
  • Rush Limbaugh 104
  • Michael Savage 100
  • Glenn Beck 96
  • Sean Hannity 81
  • “Mancow” (N/A)

These rankings have held up pretty well. Laura Ingraham is still the smartest by far. She’s pushing back, for example, on the current wingnut lunacy about the polls being rigged for Obama.

With O’Reilly and Liddy off the radio dial, and Boortz soon to follow, I’ll add these three talkers to the wall of shame:

  • John Gibson 115
  • Brian Kilmeade 83
  • Andrew Wilkow 77

Yes, believe it or not, somebody dumber than Sean Hannity has slithered up from the primordial ooze. Here he his:


If you wonder why the Republican Party is in so much trouble, Andrew Wilkow is Exhibit A.



  1. What method did you use to “estimate” their IQ’s?

  2. The higher the “IQ” means they are critical of their fellow radio hosts. Wanna test the theory? Call Levin and mention the word…..”Confederate” or the term “War of Northern Aggression”…he’ll FOAM at the mouth!

    Wilkow on the other hand says nothing bad about his fellow hosts.

  3. There is no such thing as a moderate… Define moderate for me. My defination of a moderate is someone lacking principle, core beliefs, shallow, wavering, etc… So I do believe your title is right, because there are Republicans that are moderate according to my definition. However the same holds true for Democrats. Both parties play to their base and flip to pick up the undecideds. And folks like you fall right in line and recycle the garage they try to sell us. Our country is in big trouble and we are worried about a grade of a talk show host, realy?

    Time to put the big boy or girl pants on and let’s start fixing our country. Stand for something.


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