Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hannity Discovers “Explosive” New Obama Video

CBN — Fresh on the heels of last night’s revelation of Barack Obama’s allegedly racist remarks at the Hampton University Ministers’ Conference in 2007, Sean Hannity has unearthed a video of a recent Obama campaign appearance that he says will be a “game changer.”

“This is the smoking gun,” Hannity said in an exclusive interview with CBN. “The mainstream media won’t be able to ignore Obama’s virulent racism any longer.”

The video in question purportedly shows President Obama campaigning at a Colorado rodeo in June. The White House says it’s a fake.

“Of course they’re going to deny it’s Obama,” says Hannity. “Remember, these are the same people who gave us Fast and Furious. They have no credibility whatsoever.”

Hannity has provided CBN with a copy of the most explosive portion of the video:

The full tape will be aired this Sunday on Hannity’s America.



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