Posted by: Rick | Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Morning After

Romney won. That seems to be the consensus, and I guess I’ll go along with it. But he didn’t “beat” Obama in the same way John Kerry beat George W. Bush in their first debate in 2004. That was a total demolition, to the point where I remember feeling sorry for Bush when it was over. (In the end, of course, Bush won the election, with a little help from the Republican crooks in Ohio.)

My main reaction as I watched last night’s debate was one of numbed boredom. Romney’s over-caffeinated hyperactivity and his incessant bullying of a hapless Jim Lehrer were mesmerizing, Obama was never in serious trouble. Romney’s goal was to spout so much gibberish so rapidly that Obama couldn’t respond to it all. It’s the Sean Hannity School of Political Propaganda, and it worked. But the debate lacked clarity. And Romney’s “victory” came at a heavy price. He piled so many fresh lies and obfuscations on top of the steaming pile he’s already excreted that the Obama ad shop is going to have a field day. Like a mediocre football team that wins the first quarter of a game against a superior opponent by using trick plays and onside kicks, the Romney camp has shot its wad. No more surprises.

Romney will undoubtedly get a bounce from his performance last night. But any undecided voter stupid enough to be swayed by the antics of “Hyperactive Mitt” should be easy pickings for Obama when the president brings his A-game.



  1. I agree, it wasn’t a total demolition job. Obama was definitely the grown-up in the room, and I think that went over well with some voters. But I do think that Mitt made more of an impression, and sometimes that’s all you need to win over those “low-information voters” who are still undecided or unconvinced. As small as the number of those types of voters may be, they could make all the difference in a tight race. I hope Obama drinks a Red Bull or something before he faces off with Romney again.

    • If this were the only debate, I’d be worried. But there are three more, and Romney and Ryan are still weak.


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