Posted by: Rick | Friday, October 5, 2012

Post-Tumescent Republicans

Thirty-six hours after the Debacle in Denver, the boys at National Review are sporting some major chubbies. Why, they absolutely adore Mitt Romney! Charles Krauthammer (no stranger to hyperbole) calls Willard’s debate performance “the biggest rout since Agincourt.” To hear these esteemed conservatives tell it, the presidential race is over, and Barack Obama has been vanquished.

But I fully expect the Romnified johnsons at NRO to meekly shrivel as troublesome polling data starts to trickle in. Mitt may have “won” Wednesday night’s debate, but what else did he win? Not independent voters. Markos Moulitsas looks at the Ipsos/Reuters post-debate poll:

So check it — Obama’s favorables are unchanged from before and after the debate, 56-44. But looking at the crosstabs, Obama stayed solid with Democrats, gained a tiny bit with Republicans, and . . . kicked ass among independents. Seriously, flipping his faves among independents from 46-54 to 54-46, a 16-point shift, is a pretty big deal.

Romney got the Krauthammers of the world to like him better, but that’s about it. Not good enough. Independents still think he’s kind of an asshole.

Maybe beating up on poor Jim Lehrer wasn’t such a great idea.


  1. “Romnified johnsons”…man, now THAT’S what I call a turn of phrase. And also an image I am gonna try not to think about too much.


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