Posted by: Rick | Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vice Presidential Debate: Biden Schools Ryan

Initial thoughts:

  • Paul Ryan didn’t bring a knife to this gunfight. He brought a loose-leaf Mead notebook, and Joe Biden ripped all the pages out.
  • The strangely intimate sit-down format was good for Biden. It gave him a chance to answer Ryan’s rapid-fire lies in real time. (I was wondering how Joe was going to pull this off.)
  • Ryan was totally lost on foreign policy. Man versus boy.
  • On Social Security, Medicare, and the economy, Biden cleaned up some of the mess Barack Obama left last week.
  • Democrats are going to be very happy tonight.
  • Ryan drank so much water, I expected him to ask Martha Raddatz for a hall pass so he could go pee.

More comments tomorrow.



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