Posted by: Rick | Friday, October 19, 2012

The Return Of Romnesia

President Obama is having fun on the campaign trail today diagnosing Mitt Romney’s incessant lying and flip-flopping as symptomatic of a severe case of “romnesia.” I don’t know if I was the first blogger to use that term, but I did write a post defining  it back in May:

rom·ne·sia [rom-nee-zhuh] noun. an apparent memory disorder exhibited by a person who apologizes for an egregious act of antisocial behavior while simultaneously claiming not to remember the act itself. [after Willard Mitt Romney (born 1947), American politician]

In politics, a candidate may use romnesia for emergency damage control. He must employ the tactic sparingly, however, or risk looking like a sociopath. This is because even the candidate’s supporters will know the candidate is lying if, for example, the candidate claims not to remember recruiting a state wrestling champion to pin down a fellow prep school student widely though to be homosexual so that the candidate could cut off the student’s long blond hair in front of at least five eyewitnesses. Romnesia is thus distinct from “selective amnesia” in that the latter is at least plausible while the former is totally fucking preposterous.

Great minds think alike, I guess. You have my permission to carry on, Mr. President.



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