Posted by: Rick | Monday, October 29, 2012

Bus To Nowhere

Mitt Romney never misses an opportunity to act like an asshole. With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the East Coast, he’s commencing “Operation: I Care.” From Daily Kos:

Romney was originally slated to campaign over the weekend in Virginia, but canceled plans there and joined running mate Paul Ryan in Ohio. Curt Cashour, Romney’s Virginia communications director, tweeted Monday that the campaign bus will instead be used to transport basic supplies to local storm-relief centers. The Romney campaign will also be collecting supplies at its offices in North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.

Laura Clawson at DK continues:

Because a campaign bus is just what emergency workers want to see coming down the road in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. And no doubt the Romney campaign will be distributing those supplies equally to the blue states that are projected to take the fiercest hit from Hurricane Sandy, right? Because I would totally make the trip to watch the Romney bus pulling up in Manhattan’s Lower East Side sometime in the next couple days. I’m not too worried about having to make the trip, though.

Meanwhile, on television just now, Romney put on his plastic “concerned” face and moved his head back and forth like a metronome. His voice took on its treacly “concerned” timbre as he asked the people of Ohio to send money to the Red Cross.

But he didn’t say anything about this:

Last year, after a major tornado and flood struck the United States, Romney was asked in a debate about federal disaster relief funding. Romney not only suggested shuttering FEMA and sending responsibility for disaster relief “back to the private sector,” but also said it would be “immoral” for the federal government to fund disaster relief efforts without cutting the budget elsewhere. “It makes no sense at all,” Romney concluded.

This guy is utterly repulsive.



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