Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Unfunny Right-Wing Comedy

Up till now, Dennis Miller and Brad Stine were the only conservative comedians [sic] to cross my radar screen. That in 1999 Mr. Miller stopped being the least bit funny is universally acknowledged. Mr. Stine’s preternatural unfunniness is less celebrated, but you can get a taste of his high-decibel anti-comedy stylings here.

Today I discovered another right-wing comedian [sic] who is just as unfunny as Miller and Stine, if not more so. In fact, this guy makes Soupy Sales sound like George Carlin. His name is Steven Crowder, and here he is:

Thankfully, Mr. Crowder displays his talents only on his YouTube channel and on Fox News, so there’s little chance you’ll accidentally be exposed to one of his unfunny routines.



  1. What? Come on…unfunnny? Rain Man jokes were so funny back in the late 80s…Everbody had a rain main impression, everybody tried to imitate Tom Cruise’s grin and 5’1″ stature…what makes them unfunny now. Oh right, everything about them. Nevermind.


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