Posted by: Rick | Thursday, January 10, 2013

CNBC: Worse Than Fox

Despite receiving one of the biggest bailouts in history, AIG  is considering whether or not to join its former chief executive, Hank Greenberg, in a lawsuit against the government for allegedly cheating its shareholders out of millions of dollars and violating the Fifth Amendment.

The wild thing about it, though, is that it was under Greenberg’s tenure that AIG started investing in the financial interests that almost brought it down in the first place. — Business Insider

If there’s a bigger bunch of Wall Street lickspittles than Joe Kernen, Maria Bartiromo, and the rest of the gang at CNBC, I’ve never seen it. While most of the civilized world is rightly outraged at Maurice “Hank” Greenberg for suing the very taxpayers who bailed him out, these parasites have spent the last two days blowing him.

Of course, such corporate media whoredom is nothing new. Want to see some excellent television? Watch Eliot Spitzer absolutely destroy Ms. Bartiromo in this classic clip. There’s nothing left of her but a hairdo.



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