Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An All-Time Broadcasting Low

I’ve been listening to brain-dead conservatives spew hateful idiocy on the radio ever since Rush Limbaugh oozed up from the tar pits. (Until Al Franken came along, there was no such thing as liberal talk. Political junkies had few alternatives.) I’ve heard Liddy, Boortz, Hannity and countless other Limbaugh clones send some pretty disgustingly moronic electromagnetic waves hurtling through the vastness of  interstellar space for all eternity. But on the Stephanie Miller Show today, I encountered something so stupid and so vile that it cannot ever possibly be topped. No way, no how. It comes to us courtesy of Mr. Glenn Beck, whose once-mighty radio program has degenerated into a morning zoo for right-wing sociopaths and religious freaks.

Anyway, here’s what went down yesterday:

Glenn Beck is resorting to playground-style taunting of the president, calling him a “girl” for saying he wasn’t sure whether he would let a hypothetical son play football because of his concerns about the sport’s safety for youngsters.

Obama’s view was too much for the conservative talk show host to take. He went on a rant during his online show, playing a clip of the Obama interview from CBS News and repeatedly saying “girl” while the president talked and mocking him in a girlish voice. It was about as juvenile as political commentary could ever get.

“His man card has been revoked by me, and that’s saying something” Beck said. “When I’m saying you’re a girl, you are absolutely 100 percent girl power.”

I listened to this revolting rant when Stephanie played it on her show. I have not listened to it a second time. If you have a strong stomach, click play.



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