March 25, 2009 — In the long, hot summer of 2008, when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were battling for the Democratic nomination, I was a fierce supporter of the losing candidate. I thought she was getting a raw deal. I still believe that.

So I mailed Howard Dean my tattered DNC card and asked him not to bother me anymore. I tolerated the standard abuse from Obama supporters online. I started up my own Hillary blog and began posting righteous bits of sound and fury — none of which I regret. And, in the end, I did not vote for Senator Obama for President. I don’t regret that, either.

My skepticism about the new President continued through the passage of the stimulus bill, when his insistence on phantom bipartisanship ensured that the final product would be far weaker than it had to be. But since his first real contact with the opposition, Obama seems to have wised up. At least I hope so.

I still believe Hillary Clinton would have made a superior president, but I’ve come to respect Obama’s judgment. He’s finally in the game.

And a new blog is in order. — Rick 

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