Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ass-Kicker In Chief

"President Volkmann? . . . Hey, why the hell not?"

Meet the new Ted Nugent

HELWANI: Ok so now you got a big win over a veteran. Who do you want next? 

VOLKMANN: Doesn’t matter. [Clay] Guida. I don’t know. Actually, Obama. 

HELWANI: Wow you’re calling out Barack Obama right now. That’s big. That’s ballsy. 

VOLKMANN: He’s not too bright. He made a lotta. . .like the making home affordable plan and this health care plan, someone’s gotta knock some sense into that idiot. 

Jacob Volkmann in 2012!  For those Republicans who thought George W. Bush was too much of an intellectual.



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